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Baltidays Tour OU, which is also called Baltidays Tour is an inbound travel agency registered in the Estonian capital city, Tallinn. We have the permission in local tourism management.

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- Organized the reception of the Chinese Olympic delegation in 2020 in participation in the World Ski Aerials World Cup (Belarus Station)

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Travel in Estonia

Estonia, the full name of the Republic of Estonia. Located in northeastern Europe, on the southern shore of the Gulf of Finland, it has a land area of ​​45,227 square kilometers and a population of approximately 1.31 million. The capital is Tallinn. Estonia is known as the "back garden of Europe". The lakes are dotted with lakes, the town is lovely and charming, and there are vast forests and swamps. The comfortable and leisurely pace of life and fantastic natural scenery continue to attract tou

Travel in Latvia

Latvia, the full name of the Republic of Latvia, is located on the east coast of the Baltic Sea, neighboring Estonia, Lithuania, Russia and Belarus, and across the sea from Sweden. It has a land area of ​​about 6.4 square kilometers and a population of about 1.93 million. The capital is Riga. The capital, Riga, is the largest seaport city in the Baltic Sea. There are many art nouveau buildings, and it has the reputation of "Paris of the North". In 2013, it was selected as the "Top Ten Most Beaut

Travel in Lithuania

Lithuania, the full name of the Republic of Lithuania, is located in northeastern Europe, adjacent to Latvia, Belarus and Poland, and adjacent to the Russian enclave Kaliningrad. It has a land area of ​​approximately 6.5 square kilometers and a population of approximately 2.79 million. The capital is Vilnius. Lithuania was the largest country in Europe during the 14th and 16th centuries, and the most important Catholic parish in Eastern Europe. For thousands of years, it has been rich in Baltic

Travel in Belarus

Belarus, the full name of the Republic of Belarus, is a landlocked country located in the Eastern European Plain. It is adjacent to Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania and Latvia. It has an area of ​​about 200,000 square kilometers, a population of about 9.5 million, and its capital, Minsk. Belarus has a flat terrain and numerous lakes. It is also known as the "Country of Ten Thousand Lakes". Belarus has the same history and culture as Russia and Ukraine. It is also one of the most important repu

travel in Poland

Poland, the full name of the Republic of Poland, is located in central Europe, bordering Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, and Russia's Kaliningrad Oblast. It has an area of ​​about 310,000 square kilometers, a population of about 38.64 million, and its capital, Warsaw. As an ancient country in central Europe, Poland has experienced ups and downs for centuries, and is still an important member of the European Union. Poland is also one of Europe's resource-rich count

travel in Finland

Finland, the full name of the Republic of Finland, is located in northern Europe. It is one of the five Nordic countries and borders Sweden, Norway, and Russia. The country covers an area of ​​338,000 square kilometers and is composed of the Finnish mainland and more than 179,000 islands. It contains about 188,000 lakes. Therefore, it has the reputation of "the country of a thousand lakes", with a population of about 5.51 million and the capital Helsinki. Finland is a country full of interesting

baltic Regular Itinerary

Three Baltic States 8 days

Spend a regular vacation time to fully understand the history, nature and customs of the three small Baltic countries, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

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Baltic Sea + Belarus 10 days

The ten-day itinerary will take you to a comprehensive understanding of the three Baltic countries that have integrated into the European Union and Belarus, which has retained more traces of Soviet Russia. The history of different periods will be repeated in turn.

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Use a two-week itinerary and optimized route to explore the entire landscape of Eastern European countries along the Baltic Sea. There is no repeated route. The four countries have different styles to meet all your needs for a long vacation.

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Finland + Baltic Sea 10 days

Finland is the country with the most convenient international transportation in Europe. Take a passenger ferry across the Gulf of Finland to connect the three countries of Northern Europe and the Baltic Sea with the shortest route to get the most comprehensive view of the Baltic Sea.

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baltic Theme Itinerary

Photography Tour

The best photography seasons in the Baltic Sea are May, August and October. The spring that really started in May is full of greenery, cauliflowers and dandelions all over the ground; August is sunny, creative time is long, there are many festivals, and the cultural scene is colorful; the broad leaves are red in October, a scene of bumper harvest, the color of the earth gorgeous.

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Fun Tour

In addition to visiting the scenic spots of the Baltic countries, you will experience the most characteristic folklore, food and customs of the Baltic Sea, walk into the real slow life, and feel the gift of history and nature to this land.

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Nature Tour

The Baltic countries are sparsely populated and have high forest coverage. The ecological environment is the best in the world. It is a tourist attraction far away from the sea of ​​people, and goes deep into the nature reserve to experience the good ecology here. During the hunting season, legal hunting can also be arranged to feel the simple nature and wildness.

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Culture Tour

The Baltic countries have been under the rule of the great powers for a long time in history, and their culture has been influenced by different regions. Because they are located in the northeast corner of Europe, they have retained the simplicity of the aborigines. On the other hand, small countries that belong to the ranks of developed countries have many cultural and artistic works of high value and taste, which will be presented one by one on the journey.

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baltic Featured Projects

Baltic Cooking

Baltic cuisine combines the purity and visual beauty of Northern Europe with the rich taste experience of Eastern Europe. Walking into the kitchen and playing a symphony in pots and pans is a very good opportunity to learn about the local customs.

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Black Mud Bath

The healthy black mud comes from the Baltic Sea bay. The long-term alluvial accumulation makes the sea mud rich in minerals and trace elements. The black mud bath has been a well-known high-end health method for hundreds of years, and it is an experience that cannot be missed on leisure trips on the Baltic Sea coast.

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Wine Tasting

The Baltic Sea has the highest latitude winery in Europe. It produces cold-hardy and sweet grape varieties. A wine tour full of history and memory is especially suitable for wine lovers.

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Hot air balloon Fly

After flying over the famous scenery all over the world in a hot air balloon, don't miss the rare European castle flying experience. Take a hot air balloon and fly over the lake. The castle, the lake, and the wilderness have a panoramic view.

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About Visa



According to the entry regulations of the European Union, a valid Schengen visa is required to travel to Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and other countrie

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Belarus implements a 30-day visa-free entry policy for 74 countries around the world.

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Travel Info

baltic News

Four countries join Estonia's travel restrictions 'red' list from September


Bulgaria, Norway, San Marino and Slovenia have all been moved to the "Red" list.

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September EU Travel Restrictions: Covid-19 Vaccination, Testing And Quarantine Rules By Country


EU countries are set to change requirements for American travelers after it was agreed to take the US off its safe list.

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The Best Online Cultural Experiences in the Baltics


Don’t you just wish you could put life on pause and go on a vacation? Thankfully, there are plenty of online cultural experiences in the Baltics you can explore from the comfort of your home.

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Finland to allow entry for cruise tourists


Finland is set to relax border crossing rules from Monday, July 26, harmonizing the requirements valid for foreigners arriving for work and for tourists, and also allowing entry for cruise passengers if they produce proof of a negative COVID-19 test result.

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Spring recommendations: What to do in Estonia


The Estonian Institute and "Found in Estonia" podcast has five recommendations for you.

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A new concept that may allow future travel is in the making, but there is still a long way to go in the future.

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Uniworld hopes to help you and your loved ones have a unique holiday this year.

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From Alaska to the Mediterranean, here is everything you want to know about the new cruise ship and where to go.

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