National currencies and payment methods

Finland, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania are Euro Economic Zones and use Euro. Bank card payment is widely used, visa card and master card are available, payment channel Paypal is available. Union pay in the other three countries is not available but in Finland.

Belarus uses the Belarusian ruble, and bank card payments are widespread but they charge a relatively high currency conversion fee. Both visa card and master card can be used, payment channel Paypal can be used, union pay can be used.

Zloty is used in Poland. Bank cards are widely used for payment. Both visa and master cards can be used. Payment channel paypa can be used, unionpay can be used.

Consumption level by country

Finland is one of the countries with the highest prices in the world. Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Poland are lower than Finland and belong to the middle level of EU countries. Although Belarus is not a developed country, it is highly dependent on consumer goods imports, and prices are only slightly lower. European Union countries.