By Air

Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania have direct flights from major airports in the European Union and Moscow.

Belarus has direct flights to major airports in Asia, such as Beijing and Shanghai, direct flights to Moscow, and most airports in the European Union.

There are direct flights between Poland and major airports in Asia, and direct flights between airports in the European Union and Moscow.

There are direct flights between Finland and major airports around the world.

By Railway

There is no international train connection between the countries of Northeast Europe, and most trains only operate in their own country.

International train lines are: Helsinki---St. Petersburg, Tallinn---St. Petersburg, Riga---St. Petersburg---Moscow, Vilnius---Minsk, Warsaw---Brest.

By Cruise

Helsinki-St. Petersburg, Helsinki-Stockholm, Tallinn-Helsinki, Tallinn-St. Petersburg, Tallinn-Stockholm, Riga-Stockholm.

By Bus

The most common mode of travel between Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, and Poland is the road, and the tourist bus is also the main mode of travel. There are public buses connecting major cities.