Fun Tour

DAY 1 : Visit the medieval city of Tallinn and taste traditional snacks prepared by ancient recipes. The Baltic Sea is located in Northeast Europe and has been deeply influenced by Nordic culture in history. Nordic food is similar to other European countries but has its own style. Estonia can be said to be responsible for Nordic cuisine. You will spend an afternoon walking into the ancient kitchen, learning the local catering culture with the chef, and making an authentic Western meal by yourself.

DAY 2 : Leave Tallinn and head west along the coastline to the most historic Baltic seaside health resort. The warm water here has been loved by the czar nobles for hundreds of years. At the resort hotel by the sea, experience the unique black mud bath of the Baltic Sea. The black mud deposited in the inner sea is rich in minerals and trace elements, which is a boutique experience of local health preservation. Then enjoy a leisurely slow time on the beach by the sea.

DAY 3 : Take a bus to the island of "Xanadu". The agricultural products produced here are much more expensive than conventional ones. You will visit a winery located on the island. The local wines are produced using traditional hand-brewing techniques, with low yields but excellent quality. They are all booked in advance by regular customers and come to the winery. Of course, you must taste the rare brewing and the host’s house. Delicacy prepared by yourself.

DAY 4 : Go south to the coastal city of Estonia and walk on the white sand beach. The quiet time of the town is the purest time in the Baltic Sea. Then head to Latvia.

DAY 5 : Visit the ancient city of Riga and the central square of Riga, which represents the life of the local market, and experience the most authentic day of the locals. Then head to the northern town to enjoy a Latvian farm stay at a private farm located in the town. In addition to tasting farm dishes, you can also enjoy the host's versatile folk performances.

DAY 6 : Go to the only seaport in Lithuania. Due to the long-term rule of Germany, the seaport has become a unique tourist city in Lithuania like a German coastal city.

DAY 7: Lithuanian seaport cities have developed transportation and industries, producing the best quality beer in the Baltic Sea. You will walk into the brewery, learn about the history and crafts of local beer, and taste the freshly brewed beer. It must be an experience worth remembering. After the end, drive to Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania.

DAY 8 : Visit the "Church City" Vilnius, taste the most representative "national cuisine" of Lithuania, and feel the customs and customs of this once great nation.

DAY 9 : After lunch, visit the castle in the middle of the lake. In the evening, take a hot air balloon to float over the castle, letting you have a panoramic view of the beautiful castle.