Nature Tour

DAY 1 : Visit Tallinn. Tallinn has been awarded the title of "The Capital with the Best Air in the World" for 4 consecutive years. Feel the best urban ecology in the Baltic Sea in the medieval seaside city surrounded by vegetation.

DAY 2 : Drive to Lahemaa National Park, the first national park established in the former Soviet Union. There are 160 square kilometers of dense forest and bay wetlands. You will hike deep into the jungle and you can pick it yourself in late summer. Sweet wild blueberries. In the evening, stay at the Manor Hotel in the National Park and taste the freshest ingredients.

DAY 3 : Continue south by car and visit Soma National Park. This is the most protected wetland nature reserve in Europe. There are relics left by primitive farming and ancient wetlands formed by nature. It is also a great place for bird watching. Ground. After the tour, proceed to Riga, the capital of Latvia.

DAY 4 : Visit the city of Riga. The Daugava River passes through the city and brings humid air to the entire city. Riga is also the most vibrant metropolis in the Baltic Sea. Afterwards, head to Sigulda, a resort in northern Latvia. The dense forest vegetation is Latvia's oxygen bar.

DAY 5 : Travel to Lithuania by car and arrive at the Lithuanian seaport city. Tour this harbor with German architecture and visit the amber museum produced in the Baltic Sea in the seaside town. Lithuania is known as the "Amber Kingdom" and is one of the main raw material producing areas for marine amber in the world. Walking on the beach during the high tide season, you may be able to pick up the gift from the ocean-amber from the beach.

DAY 6 : Drive to the World Natural Heritage Site-Curonian Spit, where the narrow sandbank forms a unique view, representing the most peculiar scenery on the Baltic Sea coast.

DAY 7: Drive to Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, and visit the colorful Baroque architecture of the "Church City" upon arrival.

DAY 8 : Take a bus or train to Minsk, the capital of Belarus. After arriving, visit Minsk city, visit Independence Square, Red Church, etc.